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The Resiliency Advantage

Master Change, Thrive Under Pressure, and Bounce Back from Setbacks

The Resiliency Advantage book cover

2006 Best Self-Help Book © 2005, by Al Siebert, PhD

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ISBN-13: 978-1-57675-329-3

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ALERT! The Resiliency Advantage earned the 2006 Independent Publisher's (IPPY)
Self-Help Book of the Year Award!

We're at the top of the Self Help class! In 2006, over 1,300 publishers participated in the Awards, entering more than 2,000 titles that came in from all 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C., nine Canadian provinces, and 12 foreign countries including Bahrain, Serbia, and Guatemala. There are 60 book categories (including things like art, mystery/suspense, history/political, regional awards, audio books, and production/design). One winner is selected from each category, along with two finalists.

"Being able to come out on top of such a vast array of competing books is certainly an undeniable attestation to the exceptionally high quality of both the writing and the content of your book." -- Berrett-Koehler Publishers

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These are challenging times. We are in a turbulent era in which too much change is happening too fast for many people. In the past, individuals had to find ways to be resilient on their own. Now, however, the emerging new science of resiliency psychology has identified the strengths you can develop to become highly resilient. The most empowering finding is that we all have an inborn predisposition to become resilient and change-proficient. In The Resiliency Advantage you will learn how to sustain strong, healthy energy in non-stop change, bounce back from setbacks, and gain strength from adversities. This book shows how to:
  • remain calm under pressure and avoid resiliency fatigue.
  • improve your problem-solving skills.
  • keep a playful sense of humor, optimism, and positive feelings during rough times.
  • break free from inner barriers to resiliency by strengthening your inner "selfs" in healthy ways.
  • overcome tendencies to feel like a victim, and stay detached from "victim" reactions in others.
  • value your complex qualities and develop your unique way of being resilient.
  • discover how your natural desire to learn is what leads to becoming better and better.
  • become skilled at having things work well for you and others.
  • convert misfortune into good fortune.
  • gradually master the art of resiliency.

Your resiliency strengths come from self-motivated, self-managed learning. The Resiliency Advantage explains how you can access and benefit from many inborn abilities that few people use well. The book describes principles and processes that lead to becoming highly resilient and provides guidelines showing how to apply the information in your circumstances as you think best.

This is the first book to describe the different levels of resiliency that people achieve. Just as students in martial arts must learn basic skills before they can acquire higher levels of skill, this book shows how certain basic resiliency skills provide the foundation for mastering the higher-level abilities. But even more, this book shows how you can become as resilient as you desire.


Preface: A Head Start on Resiliency
  1. Thriving in Today's World (Read chapter one online)
  2. How Resilient Are You?
  3. Bouncing Back from Setbacks
  4. Level One Resiliency: Optimize Your Health: A Practical Action Plan
  5. Level Two Resiliency: Skillfully Problem-Solve
  6. Level Three Resiliency: Strengthen Your Three Inner Selfs
  7. Level Four Resiliency: Unleash Your Curiosity: Enjoy Learning in the School of Life
  8. Level Four Resiliency: The Power of Positive Expectations
  9. Level Four Resiliency: Integrating Your Paradoxical Abilities
10. Level Four Resiliency: Allowing Everything to Work Well: The Synergy Talent
11. Level Five Resiliency: Strengthening Your Talent for Serendipity
12. Level Five Resiliency: Mastering Extreme Resiliency Challenges
13. Level Five Resiliency: Our Transformational Breakthrough
Notes and References

Read a Resiliency Advantage Review from Jim Pawlak in his syndicated newspaper column, "Biz Books"(June 26, 2005)

"... an invaluable resource! In a Step-wise manner, it provides valuable tools to take back control and feel armed to effectively handle the realities of today's busy world."
--Louise Hartley, PhD, President of the Employee Assistance Society of North America

"There is no better resiliency learder in the US than Dr. Al Siebert. In The Resiliency Advantage, he makes powerful concepts seem like good, practical sense. Government workers often feel besieged, but after reading and using Al's book, they will feel validated and inspired."
--Glen Fahs, PhD, former Director of Training, State of Oregon

"Practical, timely, and fun to read. The Resiliency Advantage provides a powerful prescription for getting stronger to meet the challenges of work and life."
--Mark Tager, MD, CEO, ChangeWell, Inc.

"...offers liberating and breakthrough practices to strengthen one's own innate resilient capacities for a happier, more successful, and longer life."
--Gabriele Ganswindt, Founder, The Global Resiliency Network

Dr. Al Siebert was founder of the Resiliency Center and author of several books, including The Survivor Personality and The Adult Student's Guide to Survival and Success.

Read Chapter One of The Resiliency Advantage Online

Buy The Resiliency Advantage now from Practical Psychology Press

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